Maragang Hill

Mesilou Eco-tourism Association (META)


The idea of establishing Maragang Hill came after 5 June 2015 when the 6.0 magnitude earthquake shook Ranau, Sabah and changed its history forever. The objective is to attract visitors to flock to Kundasang again and to build up tourists’ confidence to visit the place once so famous for its stunning Akinabalu view. Maragang Hill was officially launched and opened to public on 16 September 2017 in conjunction with Malaysia Day and has attracted thousands of visitors since its opening. The name of Maragang is a Dusun’s name of Maroon Leaf Monkey, a species of monkey endemic to the jungle of Sabah. Their diet consists of leaf, seeds and fruits which can be found around Kinabalu Mountain area below 2,000 metres.

Maragang Hill

The hard work and sacrifices of the Kampung Mesilau community in establishing Maragang Hill will not be forgotten and will be written in history for future generation to remember. Their struggle, pain and hard work in manually carrying the woods, cement, sands, rocks and other building materials from starting point of Maragang Hill up to the peak to create unforgettable experience to hikers is something that the hikers should be thankful for. Many of them are still working at Maragang Hill until now as this place is so close to their heart and soul.

  1. The number of climbers allowed to climb is limited to 20 people in a day.
  2. Before the Permission Permit is granted, the applicant must submit a list of names of climbers/visitors including No. Identity Card, gender and contact address to META at least 7 days before the climbing date.
  3. Advance payment of RM 50.00 for each reservation (Advance money will not be refunded if the participant cancels the climb)
  4. Climbers must be accompanied by a Guide or villager who has experience with the climbing route.
  5. Climbers must be briefed on safety and Park regulations by an experienced guide.
  6. Every climber must fill out and sign the Indemnity Form.
  7. Climbers are prohibited from engaging in any behavior or act that is disrespectful or contrary to the customs of the local community.
  8. Must not take any Flora and Fauna or scratch/carve on any object in the Park Area.
  9. Guides and climbers must ensure that all rubbish is taken out of the park area.
  10. Each camper is required to pay a conservation fee of RM 30.00 per person (Adult), RM 20.00 (under 17 years) for Malaysian citizens and RM 40.00 per person (Adult), RM 30.00 (under 17 years) for non-Malaysian citizens.
  11. If there is any incident of climber accident, mountain guide or permot applicant must inform META immediately
  12. META is not responsible for any eventuality such as loss of property, accident and death of any member of the group while in the Park Area.
  13. All climbers and permission permit applicants are subject to the Park Enactment 1984 amended 2007 and the Park Regulations currently in force.
  14. This permission permit is only applicable for recreational purposes only. Climbing or activities involving running/marathon competitions in the Park Area are not allowed.

Failure to comply with the conditions of this permit will result in the cancellation of the camping activity. Thank you.

200-230pm – Attendance of hiking participants & Registration

230pm – Move to starting point

300pm – Start the climb

430pm – Arrive at Camp site & Set up camp

700 pm – Drinks and dinner

500am – Ready to Maragang Peak for Sunrise

700-730am – Breakfast & Packing Goods

730-830am – Climbers start descending to the finish point

830-900am – Return to Maragang Office & Disperse

  • Appropriate and comfortable clothes
  • Adequate food and water
  • Rain clothes
  • Hiking stick if necessary
  • Medicines if you have health problems
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Blanket
  • Kitchen & Cooking Utensils
  • A hut to set up a tent
  • Mini Prayer Hall
  • Toilet
  • Water For Washing Only (Drinking water must be brought by yourself)
  • Tents for rent (RM 20.00 per item)
  • Sleeping bag for rent (RM 10.00 per item)